Jersey City, NJ


283 Grove Street

Jersey City, NJ 07032


Monday-Friday: 8:30am-5pm

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We are Carlascio Orthopedics - a unique Prosthetic, Orthotic and custom made shoe facility established in 1923. We manufacture custom shoes, foot orthotics and custom alterations on the premises by prescription. The facility is nationally known for fitting problem feet, and we carry a full line of corrective adult and children shoes. Mastectomy services were also added in 1993 due to the need and demands of healthcare professionals.

Clifton, NJ


1094 Main Avenue

Clifton, NJ 07011


Mon, Tues, Thurs: 9am-5pm

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Orthopedic Footwear

Footwear made to accommodate deformities, prescription footwear and special needs including but not limited to bunions, callouses, hammertoes, arthritis, extra width, extra depth.

Diabetic Footwear

Footwear made to accommodate diabetics. Some include but not limited to high toe box, plastazote lined shoes, breathable stretchable fabrics to prevent ulcerations.

Custom Shoes

Shoes made for persons who cannot be fitted with a stock shoe. They are made to accommodate deformities, such as leg length discrepancies, partial amputation of toes, club foot and other congenital deformities. Custom shoes are made from castings of patients own foot and require a prescription.

Foot Orthotics

Custom made foot orthodics made on the premise. Adjustments can be made while customers wait to get a perfect fit.
Various types of foot orthodics include: plastozote, celastic, leather, plastic, metal

Custom Bracing

All custom bracing are made from casting. Braces include: Arizona Brace, AFO (Ankle foot orthosis), KAFO (knee ankle foot orthosis), Metal braces attached to shoes (stock and custom), Knee braces (protective and supportive), Back braces (LSOs-lumbar sacral orthosis), Cervical orthosis, Hand and finger splits, Humeral supports


A NJ Licensed Prosthetist is on staff to service people who have lost toes, lower limbs, hands or arms due to accidents, birth defect or other situation. Appliances can be made in a variety of materials which are lightweight yet supportive.


Fittings are done by certified mastectomy fitters and are scheduled by appointment. Sizes of prosthetic breasts range from 1-16. Companies we deal with include Amona, American BreastCare, Truform, Anita, Jodee, AlmostU and others.

Insurance Information

CARLASCIO ORTHOPEDICS accepts Medicaid and in many cases Medicare.

If assignment is not taken, all forms will be filled out for the patient. The facility is a provider for many HMO’s and insurance organizations including the following:

Aetna Better Health
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Care Point
Divison of Vocational Rehabilitation
Empire Blue Cross
Healthcare Payor Collection
Horizon NJ Health/Mercy
Magna Care
Qual Care
St. Barnabas
United Healthcare
Workers Comp

And most union insurance.

Other insurances are being added weekly. Please call for the updated insurance list or check with your insurance company.

About Us

Carlascio Orthopedics, custom shoes, orthotics, sports, conventional and our licensed prosthetist Orthotist are available to serve patients with brace or artificial limbs by appointment. Our custom work is from prescription only, and is of the highest quality and workmanship as all of our custom products are made on the premises.

We are located in Hudson County, and for the past 75 years have been serving all of New Jersey as well as institutions and individuals as far as Rhode Island and Florida.

The goal of Carlascio Orthopedics is to provide high quality products and services as prescribed by the physician, in a timely manner. The facility aims to provide superior fit and comfort using high quality products and newest technology while maintaining an atmosphere of professionalism and competency.

House visits are available for nursing homes, mastectomy fittings and disabled patients.

Carlascio Orthopedic was founded in 1923 by Louis A. Carlascio Sr. and his father Rafael at 283 Grove Street Jersey City, NJ.

The business has been owned for the past 36 years by Louis Carlascio, who served as president of the corporation and is now under the leadership of Louis J. Carlascio, CEO.

For four generations, fine quality and excellent, old-world, superb craftsmanship has been the core value of this long established business.

CARLASCIO ORTHOPEDICS is certified by ABC (American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics), BOC (The Board for Orthotist & Prosthetist Certification), and BCP, (The Board for Certification in Pedorthics). It is a founding member of OPMC, (Orthotic and Prosthetic Managed Care), an organization of family owned Prosthetic and Orthotic facilities.

The professional staff consists of New Jersey licensed prosthetists, orthotists and pedorthists who are ABC, BOC and BCP certified. The highly qualified staff is available to service patients with amputations, congenital deformities, and brace needs. The staff is able to attach and fit braces into custom and stock shoes. Our custom prescription work is made on the premise to our high standards of quality and workmanship. Home visits are available for disabled patients, nursing homes, and first time mastectomy fittings.

CARLASCIO ORTHOPEDICS has been in Hudson county for the past 75 years and has been serving institutions and individuals of Hudson, Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Ocean, and Monmouth counties. It is not an unusual occurrence for a patient to fly into area airports then on to CARLASCIO ORTHOPEDICS for an evaluation, casting, fitting or delivery of an item and fly back home the same day.

Carlascio Orthopedics Provides the Following Services:

Custom Prosthetic and Orthotic Appliances
Manufacturers Molded Foot Orthotics (on site fabrication)
Manufacturers Custom Prescription & Molded Shoes
Corrective Shoes for Adults & Children
Mastectomy Fittings & Supplies